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About the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce:







What is the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce?

It is a voluntary organization of Dimmitt citizens who are investing in

 a community development program – trying to improve the agricultural,

industrial and civic well-being of the community.



What are the purposes of the Chamber of Commerce?

To sponsor and encourage any activity that will lead toward the creation

of more dollars for more people and improve the overall economic welfare of

the city. To provide a clearing house for community ideas, activities and

information. To translate community improvement ideas into action and to

always be of the most service to the most people in the community.



Who can join the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce?

Any responsible citizen of Dimmitt and the surrounding area who is interested in the improvement of the city and who is willing to make an investment in the organization.



Why should I belong to the Chamber of Commerce?

Active membership in the Chamber of Commerce carries with it a sense of accomplishments and inner satisfaction from the knowledge that one is doing

his fair share in an important job. Although everyone in the community benefits

from the work of the Chamber of Commerce, one can accepts those benefits with a

 sense of pride ONLY if he has a part in bringing them about. Build your business by

building your community – be a member of the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce.



Is the Dimmit Chamber of Commerce tax supported?

No. The Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce depends upon membership

dues to carry out the projects that will benefit the community.



Are the Offices and Directors paid for their work?

No. The only paid employees are the Executive Directors and Secretary who

devote their full time to Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce activities. Officer,

Directors, Committee Chairmen and Committee Members all serve without pay.



Who runs the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce?

The membership. A Board of Directors, consisting of twelve members elected by

the entire membership to determine the policies and direct activities. The by-laws

 provide for a change of personnel on the Board of Directors each year to

serve a three year term. Suggestions from members on projects, policies or

other matters of interest are always welcomed and appreciated. All members,

regardless of dues they pay, have the same voice, same privileges and

the same opportunity for service.  Officers, consisting of a President, Vice

President and a Secretary, are elected annually by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director, who is a paid employee, is responsible to the entire membership

 for carrying out the administrative functions of the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce.



How does the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce work?

Primarily through committees. The needs of the community are listed in the form of a written Program of Work and committees are named to carry out the various projects. Some projects may be completed in a short time, while others may require several years of sustained effort. The Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce should not be mistaken for a social club. It is an action organization – a business institution dedicated to those projects that will provide a more abundant life for all the people of Dimmitt.



What actual benefits do members receive?

Numerous benefits are available to members. However, the real benefits come

indirectly through the continuous development of the community. An active,

 well-supported Chamber of Commerce program provides increased income for farmers,

more business for merchants and professional people, better workers and greater

 production for industry and more job opportunities for the working people.



Is the Dimmit Chamber of Commerce interested in

dairy, agriculture and the welfare of the rural community?

Yes. Agriculture is a basic economic factor in Dimmitt. The Chamber of Commerce

 is extremely interested in those projects that will bring more prosperity for

the rural people and has an Agricultural Committee to help with many projects.

Though you live outside Dimmitt, you are affected by the quality of life we provide.



Is the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce really interested in securing new industry?

Yes. Industry provides employment – employment provides payrolls –

payrolls mean prosperity. The Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce recognizes

the vital needs for additional employment opportunities in Dimmitt.



Does the Dimmit Chamber of Commerce enter into political or controversial matters?

The Dimmit Chamber of Commerce, although interested in

good government and the welfare of the community, takes no

part in politics, belongs to no party and supports no candidates.


In controversial matters that affect the welfare of the community,

the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce tries to seek out the facts and

present them to the clear view of everyone in the community. By its

very nature, the Chamber of Commerce must ignore all special interests.


We believe in Dimmitt, and we believe you do too!






Dues are rated on a “fair-share” formula. What is your “fair-share”? This

formula is a suggested equitable method for determining your level of

financial support for the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce.


Rate yourself: In each of the three categories, find the place where you belong.

Total the factor scores and find the recommended amount of your investment.

This is meant to be a confidential way of determining your investment.

Category I

Category II

Category III


Employees Factor (full time):

0 – 2
3 – 5
6 – 10
11 – 20
21 – 50
51 – 75
76 – 150
Over 150


Business Space Factor (sq. feet):

0 – 500
501 – 1000
1001 – 2000
2001 – 5000
5001 – 10000
10001 – 20000
20001 – 50000
Over 50000 8


Annual Gross Volume Factor:

0 – 10,000
10,001 – 75,000
75,001 – 125,000
125,001 – 175,000
175,001 – 250,000
250,001 – 500,000
500,001 – 1,000,000
1,000,001 – 2,500,000
Over 2,500,000


Factor score:____

Factor score:____

Factor score:____

Total Factor Score Recommended minimum annual fair share investment

0–2 $60 individual only
3–4 $120
5–6 $140
7 $160
8 $180
9 $210
10 $240

11 $270
12 $300
13 $330
14 $360
15 $390
16 $420
17 & over by agreement

Individual membership (farmers, teachers, retired) $60
Non-profit organization $200




The Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce, through its board and committees, plans

for the future of the city. Its goal is to make Dimmitt a better place to live,

work and raise a family through economic development.


Visitors and many residents often make their first contact with Dimmitt a

t the Chamber office. They arrive with many questions about the

community that are answered cheerfully and accurately.


Visitors and local residents often inquire about places to lodge,

eat, shop and obtain services such as attorneys, doctors, realtors and

builders. We always provide them with information concerning

members of the Chamber who can serve their needs.


Hundreds of pieces of correspondence are received weekly by the

Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce concerning all phases of life in Dimmitt.

Visitors write about locating in Dimmitt. The Chamber staff answers this correspondence for you.  The Dimmitt Chamber, through its committee structure, constantly

 stimulates self-appraisal by the citizens of Dimmitt and focuses attention

on Dimmitt assets. We strive to keep printed brochures and souvenirs representing Dimmitt available.  The Dimmitt Chamber serves as host for various meetings,

sporting events, newcomers and the annual pheasant season. The

Chamber sponsors the Christmas Open House and City-Wide Garage Sale Day,

promotion along with an on-going campaign to “Shop Dimmitt First.”


The Chamber provides educational programs on customer relations and small

business management. It conducts ribbon cuttings to welcome new businesses.

It also sponsors an annual clean-up campaign with an on-going program

for beautifying Dimmitt, better known as CUFUPU (clean up, fix up, pride up).

It sponsors the annual Harvest Days Celebration with activities for young and old.


The Chamber also holds and annual banquet designed to honor outstanding

citizens in our community. It also coordinates the 4th of July fireworks display.

The Chamber assisted in establishing and works with the Economic Development Commission for encouraging the retention and expansion of existing businesses

and industry as well as attracting new ones. We keep a team of volunteers ready to

 work with prospects and maintain files on buildings and land sites available.








Chamber of Commerce Staff

Lourdes Chavez– Executive Director


Board of Directors
Sheri Smith – President
Mike Mullins – Vice President
Meredith Campbell – Secretary
Tammi Griffitt – Treasurer

Geneva Malone

Joe Josselet

Shari Bradley

Sal Rivera

Dr. Skylar Bizzell

Trudy Jackson

Jerry Heller

Steve Scott


The Board of Directors meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Please Contact Us if you would like to attend.






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